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EZM01 Discriminative Transfer Subspace Learning Via Low-Rank and Sparse Representation (Feb 2016)

EZM02 Automated detection of engagement using video-based estimation of facial expressions and heart rate(Jan 2016)

EZM03 Dynamic scene recognition with complementary spatiotemporal features (Feb 2016)

EZM04 Estimating snow cover from publicly available images (Jun 2016)

EZM05 Cerebre: a novel method for very high accuracy event-related potential biometric identification (July 2016)

EZM06 Antipodally invariant metrics for fast regression-based super-resolution (Jun 2016)

EZM07 Semisupervised subspace-based dna encoding and matching classifier for hyperspectral remote sensing imagery (Aug 2016)

EZM08 Edge-guided image object detection in multiscale Segmentation for high-resolution remotely sensed imagery (Aug 2016)

EZM09 Multi-view object extraction with fractional boundaries (Aug 2016)

EZM10 Contour completion without region segmentation (Aug 2016)

EZM11 Generalized coupled dictionary learning approach With applications to cross-modal matching (Aug 2016)

EZM12 Connected component model for multi-object tracking (Aug 2016)

EZM13 A unified framework for salient structure detection by contour-guided visual search (Aug 2016)

EZM14 Picode: a new picture-embedding 2d barcode (Aug 2016)

EZM15 Demosaicing based on directional difference regression and efficient regression priors (Aug 2016)

EZM16 Understanding deep representations learned in modeling users likes (Aug 2016)

EZM17 A locally weighted fixation density-based metric for assessing the quality of visual saliency predictions (Aug 2016)

EZM18 Deepsaliency: multi-task deep neural network model for salient object detection (Aug 2016)

EZM19 A three-layered graph-based learning approach for remote sensing image retrieval (Aug 2016)

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