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1. Android Application for Call Taxi Booking

2. File Transfer Using Android with AES

3. Restaurant Information and Control Methods

4. The Quick Ambulance Search using Google Map

5. Online Banking Using Android With Network Security

6. Shooting game in andriod

7. Work/Life Balance and Smartphones

8. Advanced gps location finder to identify hospital and ATM locations

9. Android mobile app development courses

10. Android - event scheduler / reminder

11. Expenses managing applications

12. Android mobile app development courses

13. Location based alarm system

14. A mobile phone based medicine in-take reminder and monitor

15. Cloudmov: cloud-based mobile social tv

16. Student attendance tracking system

17. Tollgate payment system in android

18. Company security information system

19. Credit card management system

20. Automated control system for air pollution detection in vehicles

21. Real-time street parking availability estimation

22. Campus assistant application on an android platform

23. Rfid-based location system for forest search and rescue missions

24. Performance assessment of aided global navigation satellite system for land navigation

25. An efficient mobile gps navigator, tracker and altimeter system for location based services

26. Locking and unlocking of theft vehicles using can (theft control system)

27. Secure sms messaging in android device

28. Weather reader through sms using android

29. Android mobile contact details locking system

30. Face-to-face proximity estimation using bluetooth on smartphones

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